Who we are...

United for SCASD is a non-partisan political action committee (PAC) established in August 2021 and registered with Centre County Elections Office. 

Our purpose…

Our endorsed candidates support deliberate and formal efforts to include the diverse voices of families, teachers, and the broader SCASD community in the district decision making process. 

How we came about...

United for SCASD was established in 2021 by local parents to fill a gap in recruiting and supporting independent-minded candidates.  Members of the organization pool their talents to provide candidates with training, administrative, and financial support.

In addition, we recognized the need to provide independent analysis of school district activities, board and committee meetings, and events. For the last two years,  United for SCASD provided these assessments to the community at least bi-monthly. In the fall of 2022, Michelle Young was appointed Chair of United for SCASD. Her background in governance, leadership, and district knowledge has been and continues to be invaluable. 

Myths and Facts...

Myth:  United for SCASD is funded by the “far-right conservative” Back to School PAC.

Fact:   United for SCASD initially partnered with Back to School PA for the 2021 election cycle. At the time, Back to School PA was a non-partisan, single-issue PAC that supported organizations committed to advocating for full time, in-person education regardless of political affiliation. Fully one-third of financial support by Back to School PA was provided to organizations endorsing Democratic candidates. 

Myth:  United for SCASD wants to ban books. 

Fact:   As a group that stands for viewpoint diversity, United for SCASD would like to see MORE books in our libraries from MORE perspectives. Exposure to diverse perspectives helps students develop critical thinking skills. Equally as important, we should respect parents' concerns about what books and instructional materials are being made available to their students. Transparency is the key…and insisting that the district and families work together is a good start.